11th July 2020

Reviews coming in for the re-issue of Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes

“r Tune” is also an example of the unusual lyrical approach, which sits somewhere between straight-faced, wacky and ironic, without ever settling into overt comedy. “Simone, she leaves me accident prone, so I’d better leave her alone […], keeping her body in tone, with food that’s organically grown” is poetry. The introverted but sweet love song parts, such as “(I’ve Got A) Nice Girlfriend”, never quite reaches Jilted John territory, but it’s not far off, while the simple and innocent approach stretches into wilful ironic pretend-dumbness in songs like “Hid It (‘Cos I Wanted You To Find It)”.

As quite a contrast, the five previously unreleased instrumental bonus tracks, rather than being the sparse pop-demo sound that I might have anticipated, are rich experimental pieces with analogue synths and complex time signatures that hint at a very different but equally interesting compositional approach. “Distal Interphalangeal”’s mesmerising counter-play of repeating plinky bell sounds with spontaneous growls is a particular highlight.

6th July 2020

Two new items available now on Bandcamp – a new Digital E.P. ’Folke’:
and the first time ’Ossification’ has been available on the cassette format:
a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies, fold-out insert and download code

15th June 2020

Nothing On’, a song by Gareth Williams, which has been part of Officer! live sets, has now been released as a digital single – this is a studio version recorded by Officer! in France in 2017. Available on Bandcamp in various high quality digital formats:

29th May 2020

Dead Unique’, Officer!’s legendary lost album from 1995, released by Blackest Ever Black in 2014, is now available on the official Bandcamp page – in Digital, Double LP Vinyl and Compact Disc versions. The Digital downloads also come with a pdf of the entire Double LP artwork, including the insert.

Available here:

6th February 2020

We are thrilled to announce the arrival on Bandcamp of ‘Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes’ – Officer!’s second album, from 1988 – available in digital and physical formats – this first digital edition of the album contains an extra five instrumental tracks, previously unreleased, from the same era… the CD edition is neatly packed in a four panel digipak and is released by Austria’s fine KlangGalerie label, who previously put out ‘Earlier Music’, we are extremely grateful to Walter Robotka for his continued enthusiasm and belief in the material, getting this out in the world once more.
Oh yes, and we know press releases often say ‘remastered from the original analogue rel-to-reel tapes’, but in this case it’s actually true

Officer!-related project Peter Paul & Gordon are in the news this week, the trio of Mick Hobbs, Mary Currie and Alison Craig have a CD and Digital release available on Bandcamp – ‘Fairly Respectful’, including some songs readers here will be familar with – go and check it out >

PP&G are also playing Club Integral’s Resonance FM fundraiser at Iklectik in South London, on Friday the 7th of February, together with The Apathy Band (with Bob & Roberta Smith), Bloem de Wilde, Eugene Coyne and Swordfish.


8:00 pm, £7.00 – £10.00

Iklectik, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Ln, Royal Street corner, Archbishop’s park, London SE1 7LG

4th February 2020

The 1985 cassette ‘Cough’ is now available on Bandcamp, as is the ‘Earlier Music’ CD, which compiles Cough and ‘8 New Songs’, a digital download version of 8 Songs is also in the pipeline…

9th September 2019

Officer! Official Bandcamp page launched today, with download, vinyl and CD versions of the new Officer! single – Available HERE

4th September 2019

Brexit means Toxic single goes on sale this week in its physical and high-quality download versions,

links to be posted here and elsewhere on this site as soon as we have them

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