Brexit means Toxic / Para 2

Brexit means Toxic
Para 2

A new Release! – released Monday 9th September 2019 – available HERE

Press Release

Officer!’s first studio recordings for over a decade

Brexit means Toxic

The song was written in early 2018 – a snapshot, but one that seems to
have stayed true, as that song we all know from which it borrows has too.
It’s a protest song about our troubled times, and the deepest mess I’ve
ever known us be in.

Mick Hobbs, 2019

Para 2

A taster of what you can expect from the forthcoming album ’Paragraphs and Principles’, instigated and arranged by long-term Officer! member Felix Fiedorowicz, which will reconfigure a career-span selection of the celebrated composer Cornelius Cardew.

Review by Low Company, September 2019

With Boris floundering and hopefully soon to be found “dead in a ditch”, and with still no sign of imminent resolution – whoever ends up in charge – to the UK’s ongoing political fuck-shambles, Mick Hobbs ‘Brexit Is Toxic’ 7” is well-timed, even if, like many a protest song before it, it’s preaching to the converted. Anyway look, if it takes a constitutional crisis to bring Officer! out of hiding – it’s a price worth paying.
Hobbs has always been an old folkie at heart, it’s the tension between that and his more disruptive, surrealist impulses that animate the best of his key ‘80s work, and make him such a brilliant and peculiar songwriter. Joey Stack handles vocals here, sounding wonderful as ever, her breezy Raincoats-y delivery inevitably recalling the stellar heights of The Lo Yo Yo. But for us, the B-side is where it’s at… whatever “it” might be… a tribute to Cornelius Cardew, and a trailer the forthcoming Officer! album Paragraphs and Principles, which is made up entirely of Cardew pieces performed/reimagined by by Hobbs and his cohorts. ‘Para 2’ finds Hobbs narrating the essence of Cardew’s epic The Great Learning, “to illustrate illustrious virtue / to renovate the people / and to rest in the highest excellence.” The music harks back to the RIO of Biota, Henry Cow, Art Bears et al, as plumes of reverberant ambience build to a maelstrom of piano, reeds and massed voices – bonkers, and exhilarating. Say what you will about Europe… there’s a certain kind of madness that will always find its fullest expression in England.


7” vinyl, Life and Living Records, LALR 019, EU, 2019
Spined picture sleeve with printed inner sleeve.

Compact Disc Single, Life and Living Records, LALRCD 019, EU, 2019
Slimline wallet with folded printed insert.
Enhanced CD also featuring the music video for BmT by Leo Hobbs.

Digital Download, Life and Living Records, LALRD 019, EU, 2019.
Bandcamp – FLAC, MP3 and other digital formats.

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